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Shitty Hetalia OC Fanfiction: Gakuen Hetalia Sudden Change! Chapter 4

Well, it’s that time of week again. Let’s catch up on another chapter of Gakuen Hetalia Sudden Change!, shall we?

Last time we left our protagonist, she was entering World Academy W, and apparently, she exists in our universe and knows of Hetalia, but the nation-tans don’t know of Hetalia. Here are the previous chapters, for a full recap:

So, let’s waste no time, and let’s get to the rest of this fanfiction.

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That girl who made the offensive and in-love-with-Russia “Africa” OC made an “Asia” OC.

And yes, it’s just as bad as you think it would be.

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Please comment! I want to know what you think 

Submitted by apdubtalia:

Not sure if you remember the Africa OC somewhere in your blog(I think it was this one), where she says that Russia was hers and not Belarus…well…here is her PSA to those who say her Africa OC shouldn’t be there. Sorry if this is a bad place to put here.

I distinctly remember at least  SEEING  this OC, but I can’t seem to find her on the blog anywhere. Maybe this was just posted to one of our affiliate blogs, and I didn’t review it.

Either way, here is what I have to say about his OC, because everyone in the comments seems to be praising her:

Yes, Africa is a large lass of land with history and stories.

But Hetalia is  NOT  about landmasses. Hetalia is about nations. And nations aren’t landmasses.

Some nations don’t even have official borders. Nations are groups of people, united by history (and sometimes ethnicity.) Some nations have land. Some nations even have governments. These nations are referred to as nation-states, and they are most-commonly what people think of as nations.

That being said, Africa itself is not a nation.

Africa is a continent. And the problem with personifying a continent is the fact that there are so many different nations within a continent, and to personify a continent wouldn’t be accurate at all. When you personify a continent, you are basically saying that each and every distinct nation that exists in the continent is basically the same, despite the centuries-long wars, feuds, and histories between the nations. Nations, because they are soverign and distinct, can be personified more easily, but continents, I would say no.

This is basically equivalent to personifying Europe as a generic light-haired, light-skinned person, or even saying that Germany and France are the same nation, despite the fact that they have a historical rivalry.

So, OC creator, in short, that is what I think about your OC, and you might say that we’re just “haters” and that “haters wanna hate,” but when you do something like this without thinking, of course we’re going to post criticism, which, apparently translates into us being “haters” who just hate for no reason.

Which, of course, as I’ve explained many times, is just untrue. But of course, unless people kowtow to Mary Sues and provide asspats, that’s not real critiquing, and is just cyberbullying, right, guys?

Submitted by umekopyon:
I don’t know if this was addressed in that [random soldier] OC review you just did - I haven’t bothered to read through that mass quite yet - but that’s definitely a recolor of a Spain fanart. Dunno where to find the original, but I’ve seen it pop up on my dash several times in the past.
[sent in a third ask; the second ask was clarifying what the OC was of]
Okay I found the original art for that Davion OC[.]
It doesn’t include the original source, which is a shame, but there ya go. (Might want to edit that “this OC creator’s art isn’t horrible” statement? XD)

I used SauceNao to find the original image, and the original is from Pixiv, and it’s by kani@ツ-42b.

So, I apologise for crediting the incorrect user for the art. I really did think the art was the OC creator’s, because there was no indication that it wasn’t.

Honestly, I think it’s really low that this user is stealing lineart/sketches from people on Pixiv and claiming it as their own. In fact, I found the lineart, and here is what the OC creator had to say about it:

you just walked in on Davion getting dressed … What do you do?
Davion: Uh hallo what are you doing here?


So, this person is just outright lying. I can’t tell if her other art is stolen/traced, because SauceNao isn’t yielding any results, but that Davion OC creator is almost as bad, if not as bad, as the infamous Alaska OC creator for what he/she is doing here, and it disgusts and disappoints me that a person could just do this.

The lovely snowbell24love and her sister decided to do dramatic readings of some of our posts.

Here is one video of the dramatic readings. The original post is about this extremely whitewashed North Korea OC.

I think they have the essence of the OC creator down, if you ask me.

Some information on hijab

Submitted by maetja:

(I am very new to Tumblr..please forgive me if I have submitted incorrectly)

I noticed that a while ago you had a post concerning hijab. The information you posted was not entirely correct. What is considered modest is not the same in every country where Islam is widespread. For example, the idea that the feet must be covered with socks, even when wearing sandals, is actually not that common and is mostly practiced by the very strictest of Muslims.

And not only that, but the names of things can also have different meanings in different countries. For example, in Indonesia a jilbab is a hijab, but in Jordan it is an abaya.

In Pakistan (where I am from), a chador is just a shawl, but in Iran, this is a chador.

In most other countries with a high Muslim population, this is a burqa, [link was broken] but in Pakistan, a burqa is just an abaya.

There are actually some countries where the hijab is discouraged, and others where hijab is not commonly worn. For example, a Jordan OC probably shouldn’t wear hijab, since a high percentage of women do not wear it, and it is discouraged for high-class women.

And not only that, but not all countries wear the same headscarves. I say headscarves because some can’t even be considered hijab, like the dupatta of Pakistan. Dupattas can be worn both around the neck and the head. These are some examples of dupattas:




As you can see, hair is showing. Even the most conservative parts of Pakistan will allow the hair to show. Scarves are also wrapped much more loosely, and are not tied or pinned. (Well…dupattas are actually often pinned to the back of the head, to show as much hair as possible while still technically wearing it, but not pinned with safety pins so it won’t fall off.) Dupattas are often patterned or covered in embroidery (never both, but that goes for all Pakistani clothing), and some of the fanciest ones have tassels or little bells. Sandals and flip-flops are very common. Socks are not.

Regular salwar kameez are considered modest enough to wear without an abaya.

In places like Palestine, showing any hair is considered ridiculous. There, scarves are very often pinned and brightly colored, and not even a single strand of hair may show. Ornamentation comes in the form of fancier pins, with hanging pieces and little jewels. An underscarf is also worn, most commonly of the tube variety.

Here are some examples of fancy pins:




Pants, no matter how loose, are not considered modest. A Palestine OC should wear either a thobe[:]

Or an abaya.

In Indonesia, hijab are often worn very creatively, combining different colors and patterns and styles. Indonesians often use little flowers or bows or brooches to accessorize hijabs.

A lot of research needs to be put in for scarf styles…nearly every country with a large Muslim population have their own style, and their own definitions of modesty, and to mix them up can look very out of place.

Thank you so much for the information, and we apologise very, very much for any misinformation we spread in the last post.

For those of you making OCs of mostly-Islamic nations, or even non-Hetalia OCs who follow the Muslim faith, I’d say that this is a very, very important post to be familiar with.

So, once again, thank you, and we apologise so much for any misinformation we have spread.

london-underground said: ((Honestly, how do you manage to control your emotions and use the correct, neutral words with people like those? Also, don't you get a bit depressive for some time or something? How do you keep up with that?))

This came in response to some h8er drama that came about a while ago.

But anyway, I guess I stay calm because…I’m just a calm person? I don’t know, I just don’t take these things personally, really. It’s the internet, after all.

And as for getting depressed, yes, I get depressed. Not over this blog, and not to the point of having clinical depression, but I do get depressed from time to time. I deal with it by working or by doing distracting things. And talking to my friends or my life partner helps, too.

firlalaith said: When it comes to foods in the Middle East and immediate surroundings, recipes differ from one country to the next for staple foods like falafel (or however it's spelled, spellcheck isn't helping), I think. I know for a fact that balaclava (spellcheck still isn't helping) varies depending on the country of origin, so it isn't too far fetched to suppose that the same holds true for falafel.

Oh, yeah. That goes for everywhere, really. There are Asian foods that are made in multiple Asian nations, but they’re differently-named or differently-made.

So, while most people don’t tend to talk about food, I’d say that if you are to include food, you should probably do research on food.

My N. Pole x France child. Pola got raped, then got Becky. Real name: Rebecca.

Submitted by a Tumblr-less follower:

South Africa

There are just…so, so many things wrong this OC. So many things.

For one, even thinking about it from a logical standpoint, how would South Africa and France create South Africa? Neither France nor the North Pole is anywhere near South Africa. Not to mention, the North Pole? No one LIVES  on the North Pole, and there isn’t nearly as much research done at the North Pole as there is done in Antarctica.

And, you know, South Africa wasn’t colonised by the French, but rather, the Dutch and the British.

Oh, and as if the whitewashing, ignorance, lack of history or culture, and overall awfulness weren’t enough, this OC was raped by France.

Because he’s TOTALLY  a rapist, you guies lulz!111!!1l1j!11!l1fuck

I just…I give up with this OC creator. I give up completely.

kadiannymphet said: Hello. As I might have said before, I've been working on a Moldova OC. I was wondering about something I had read around the Hetalia fandom a few times. Apparently, it's believed a country's health rises and falls with its economy. I was hoping the awesome mods would know if that was canon or not, because I seem unable to find a straight answer. Discovering whether it's bunk or not could mean my having to completely revamp my character. I'd appreciate any help.

Well, from what I’ve seen in some Hetalia strips, yes, that is canon. I don’t remember what strip it was from, but there is a Great Depression-era strip a majority of the nations are sick (and there is some fact or figure given to each nation-tan, I think,) but Russia is fine because of the economy that the Soviet Union had.

So, I’d say it is canon, but it hasn’t been explored outside of that instance.

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